Cake Strategy

Who is Cake aimed at?

Cake will be aimed squarely at two types of users: those that need a stable working environment for rapid application development and those that want cutting edge technology which can be hacked, modified and built upon.

CakePHP Mission Statement

  • CakePHP exists to help PHP users at all levels create extensible web applications faster and more enjoyably.
  • CakePHP will be a well-documented framework inspired by the concepts introduced in Ruby On Rails as they can be applied in PHP 4 and 5.
  • CakePHP will do things the PHP way
  • CakePHP will be flexible to prevent feature creep

we thank these people for there past contributions

  • Tommy O'Reilly, Core Contributor (TommyO)
  • Mariano Iglesias, Core Developer (mariano_iglesias)
  • John David Anderson, Docs Leader (psychic)
  • Felix Geisendörfer, Core Developer (the_undefined)
  • Tim Koschuetzki, Core Developer (DarkAngelBGE)
  • Garrett J. Woodworth, Project Manager (gwoo)
  • Nate Abele, Lead Developer (nate)
  • Armando Sosa, Designer (sosa)
  • Daniel Hofstetter, Documentor, Coder (dhofstet)
  • PJ
  • Matt Jones (photomatt)
  • Matti Putkonen (matti)
  • Olle Jonsson (olleolleolle)
  • Kamil Dzielinski (brego)
  • Nicole Jacobson (nikki)

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