How you can help

First thanks for wanting to help contribute back to CakePHP. As an open source project CakePHP relies on community contributions to survive. The following is a limited list of the many ways you can become involved with CakePHP.

File tickets

Filing tickets is a great way to start contributing to CakePHP. By finding and reporting issues in the code you notify the maintainers of any issues and help to get them resolved. Tickets for all CakePHP projects are located at Lighthouse

Contribute Code

Contributing code can be done in several ways. You can supply patches and or test cases for any open tickets in lighthouse that you want to see fixed or implemented. You can also suggest new features in tickets and supply code and or test cases with them. You can supply code either in the form of patches or commits in a fork on github.

Help with the documentation

Documentation is another excellent way to start getting involved with CakePHP. CakePHP has two primary forms of documentation, the API and the book. The API is generated from the source code, so if you find an inaccuracy or issue with the API docs, you can file a patch against the source code. The book is a community edited and moderated wiki. Once you have a bakery account you can edit and add any documentation you think is useful. Submissions are moderated and reviewed before publishing.

Also if you are a non-english speaker, translating the book content into your language is another way to get involved with CakePHP.

Submit articles to the bakery

Submitting an article to the bakery is a good way to share your code, processes, and experiences with CakePHP.

Write blog posts

Writing posts about CakePHP is another way to help raise awareness, share experiences and educate your fellow developers about CakePHP.

Create your profile

Help contribute to these projects by taking a few moments to create your personal profile. Create your profile ยป