Welcome to the CakePHP Development Site

We are hard at work on multiple versions of CakePHP. You will find links to the versions below, and you can also visit the projects page to see the more. Enjoy the tasty code.

The versions

CakePHP 1.x

An older stable release of CakePHP, compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.

CakePHP 2.x

The current stable release of CakePHP, compatible with 5.2.8 and higher.

Found a Bug?

Help us help you faster by creating a ticket How to report a bug.

Make sure you have searched the CakePHP Google Group, and through the tickets that have already been submitted. Another suggestion is to grab the latest nightly or use the branch where many problems are fixed on a daily basis. You must be registered to submit tickets: Register here.

Closing Tickets

Please, help close tickets by creating test cases for an open bug or enhancement and adding it to the ticket.

Documentation Efforts

The Book is ready to accept your suggestions.

Everyone can help with the documentation efforts by simply logging in with your Bakery account, writing or editing a section, and submitting it for review. Thanks to all those who have contributed already. The application is still under development, so if you find a problem, please submit a ticket to CakeBook. Visit #cakephp-docs on irc.freenode.net.

Getting Started with Cake

Contributors Agreements

Remember that when you submit something to this site, you are giving us permission to use, reproduce, and modify the contribution in any way, shape, or form.

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